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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 8, Issue 1, Published on 30, June 2022

Pages: 114-118
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Genetic divergence analysis in Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) genotypes

Author: R. S. Dudhatra, Y. A. Viradiya, K. B. Joshi, T. A. Desai, G. K. Vaghela

Category: Research Article


The Mahalanobis D2 statistic was utilized to quantify genetic dissimilarity among groundnut genotypes for thirteen features. Tocher's approach was used to divide genotypes into groups. In all, ten clusters were established from 40 genotypes. Cluster I has sixteen genotypes subsequently cluster II has eight, clusters IV and VI contain three, cluster III contains five, and clusters V, VII, VIII, IX, and X had a single genotype. This classification revealed a greater amount of variation among genotypes. Cluster II had a desirable rating for the number of pods per plant. The cluster IΧ had a desirable rating for the highest plant height, number of branches per plant, and kernel yield per plant. Cluster X had a desirable rating for the highest germination percentage, earliness flowering, the highest number of kernels per plant, and shelling percentage. Cluster III reported the greatest intra-cluster distance. Cluster IV and Cluster VII were established to possess the greatest inter-cluster distance.

Keywords: cluster diagram, diversity, groundnut