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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 8, Issue 2, Published on 31, December 2022

Pages: 132-141
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Biostimulatory effect of seaweed extract on the fruiting and runner production of Strawberry

Author: Vishal Singh Rana, Kusum Lingwal, Sunny Sharma, Neerja Rana, Ravina Pawar, Vijay Kumar, Umesh Sharma

Category: Research Article


The strawberry plant is an herbaceous perennial and having a shallow root system needs effective nutrient management. The conventional farming system involves the enormous use of chemicals which leads to the degradation of plant and soil health. On the contrary, organic fruit production is more beneficial for plant health and organic fruit production has gained momentum due to increasing the cost of fertilizers and growing ecological concerns. Seaweed extracts are considered an organic farm input as they are environment-friendly and safe for human health. Keeping in view the bio-stimulatory potential of seaweed extracts, a study was conducted to elucidate their effect on the blooming, yield, quality, and runners' production of strawberries under polyhouse conditions during the year 2018-19. The seaweed extract (SWE) was used at variable concentrations viz, 0.75 ml L-1, 1.0 ml L-1, and 1.25 ml L-1 which were applied at the pre-flowering stage (PFS) or Fruit set stages (FSS) or both the stages (PSS and FSS). The study revealed that the foliar spray of seaweed extract at pre-flowering and fruit set enhanced the blooming characteristics and runner production. Furthermore, the plant treated with 1.0-1.25 ml L-1 seaweed extract at the pre-flowering and fruit set stage exhibited the highest cumulative yield and better fruit quality characteristics.

Keywords: biostimulants, runner production, seaweed extract, strawberry