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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 9, Issue 1, Published on 30, June 2023

Pages: 149-158
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Fatty acid profiling through GC-MS in oil extracted from thirty varieties of groundnut grown in Gujarat, India

Author: V. B. Gore, P. J. Rathod, A. G. Vala, Gulla Bhavitha, D. Kumar

Category: Research Article


Groundnut is an important crop of Saurashtra region especially for edible oil content. The current information from this experiment focused on profiling of fatty acid, oil content, O/L ratio and MUFA/PUFA ratio. Hexane solvent extracted oil from seeds was used for the fatty acid profile by using Gas chromatography mass spectrometry [GC-MS]. The data showed oil content higher in semi-spreading type varieties with the range of 40.9 to 54.92 % and difference for oil content and fatty acids was found to be statistically significant the unsaturated fatty acids were detected in large amount, whereas saturated were found in small amount in all varieties with irrespective of types. The range of fatty acids varied from 6.83-14.14% of palmitic acid, 2.27-5.25% of stearic acid, 0.97-2.11% of arachidic acid, 1.37-3.54% of behenic acid, 0.45-1.30% of lignoceric acid, 0.03-0.17% of palmitoleic acid, 39.22-82.32% of oleic acid, 0.45-1.79% of gadoleic acid,0.07-0.51% of linolenic acid and 2.26-38.73% of linoleic acid in thirty groundnut varieties comprising 10 each of spreading, semi spreading and bunch type. The oleic to linoleic ratio and MUFA/PUFA ratios found very high in variety GIRNAR-4 and GIRNAR-5 of semi spreading.

Keywords: bunch, groundnut, semi spreading, spreading