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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 2 Issue 2, Published on 31, December 2016

Pages: 8-12
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Confocal Microscopy and its Implementation in Different Biological Aspects

Author: Deepak Vakhare, Amit Gupta, Sushama R Chaphalkar

Category: Mini Review


Biophysical tools and its techniques are in high demand for the study of molecular mechanisms underlying cell biology, immunology and biomedical research including several diagnostics techniques. Biophysical tools basically include microscopy and imaging hydrodynamics, electrophysiology, modeling and simulation, single molecule techniques and spectroscopy. Among these, microscopy is one of the streams of optics that not only presents a magnified view of cellular structures of bacteria, germs, organs etc. but also ensures micro to nano elaboration of organisms or their parts. In this regard, confocal microscopy has become an essential technique in all the fields of biomedical research including life sciences that produce optical sections of cells and tissues that are totally free from fluorescence. In this review, we described the importance and applications of confocal microscopy along with its implementation in different biological aspects.