Life Sciences Research

(An International Journal)


Pages: 26-31

Date of Publication: 30-Nov--0001

Enhanced fermentable sugar production from low grade and damaged longan fruits using cellulase with algal enzymes for bioethanol production

Author: Tu Vy Thuy Nguyen, Yuwalee Unpaprom, Rameshprabu Ramaraj

Category: Research Article

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Longan fruits__ampersandsign#39; economic values have been increasing in recent years, for example, nutrients, medicine, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical products, etc. Especially, Southeast Asia countries are the largest longan fruit, producer. The considerable amount of low grade and damaged longan fruits are one of the interesting resources for producing bioethanol. In this study, hydrothermal pretreatment and hydrolysis through added cellulase and algal enzymes were conducted with dried low grade and damaged longan fruits. The total and reducing sugar were achieved 230.70 ---PlusMinusSymbol--- 2.01 g/L and 91.11 ---PlusMinusSymbol--- 1.11 g/L, after the pretreatment process finished, respectively. Subsequently, a rise in the total and reducing sugar in the hydrolysis case was 368.42 ---PlusMinusSymbol--- 13.16 g/L and 297.78 ---PlusMinusSymbol--- 2.94 g/L, respectively. Consequently, longan fruits are valuable edible products, and leftover or low grade/damaged longans are promising bioresources for bioethanol production.

Keywords: algal enzymes bioethanol production, cellulose, damaged longan fruits, low grade, pretreatment